Growth Oriented Study Plans

We know that growth in an individual or within an organization does not happen automatically. It is a fact that growth will only occur when individuals, business owners and staff become intentional about acquiring it. If growth is not sought after on a regular basis, business becomes flat and stagnant, as one must be intentional about their pursuit of their next higher achievement in life. This is why Refining Minds, Inc. offers Growth Oriented Study Plans, where participants can engage together in facilitated conversations geared towards causing an awareness of the many deficiencies we all have within our lives, particularly the absence of a written plan necessary to accomplish specific goals. By becoming aware first, we then must develop specific action plans designed to realize specific changes in thought processes resulting in permanent changes in our behavior. Refining Minds, Inc. focuses on Study Plans which target themes such as Becoming a Better Leader, How to Effectively Connect Through Communication, Success is a Choice, Becoming a Person of Influence, Converting Your Dreams to Reality, Creating Your Business Plan, What Every Entrepreneur Should Know and Strategic Growth Requires a Strategic Plan.

Executive One-on-One Coaching

This service allows business executives and key members of management the opportunity to work with a certified, professional coach within a safe, supportive and non-judgmental environment. This service is provided within the bounds of strict confidentiality, and allows individuals to seek solutions to any personal or professional challenge they wish to solve. Agendas for each session are fully controlled by the participant, as well as the topical content discussed during each session. The professional coach is there to support and to ask curiosity based questions to explore the thinking of the participant, and at times perhaps challenge current beliefs, encouraging the participant to answer questions most likely never to have been asked on their own. The unique relationship formed between participant and coach is extremely powerful and has no comparison with other types of business helps, such as consulting or counseling, when it comes to outcomes.

The greatest benefit of coaching is the raising of one’s consciousness as to future possibilities and the cultivation of their potential. The coaching process effectively addresses the performance gap – the difference between what a person knows – and what they actually do. With greater awareness comes an increased responsibility, leading to a greater accountability. Because the participant establishes their own answers and solutions through the coaching process, they become more resourceful in the future, less reliant on external help and more confident in their inner ability to resolve whatever issues they face.

Group Coaching and Team Building

All teams are groups but not all groups are teams. Through Group Coaching and Team Building, Refining Minds, Inc. seeks to cause groups of individuals to become interdependent with respect to information, resources and skills, to achieve common goals of the team. The coach acts as a facilitator, allowing the power of the group relationship to manifest itself, while at the same time holding the established boundaries, providing assistance when new or re-emerging issues need to be explored and overcome, and refining and deepening communication. There are two different objectives pursued by the group and the coach – the group works towards achieving its goals. The coach works to enable the group to achieve its goals. This is a highly effective tool to achieve positive progress leading to greater success within the business

Consulting Services

Refining Minds, Inc. has the ability to conduct multiple types of needs assessments. Once specific needs have been identified, solutions will be pursued through the implementation of an action plan. Examples included process review and modification, establishing accountability procedures, and assisting in the creation, maintenance and communication of vital information.