Do you want a leading expert on positive psychology who will discuss the Leadership Advantage and the links between brains and high performance. Your company needs to learn more effective leadership strategies, including team engagement and performance?

Dale A. Wagstaff helps executives and professionals harness the Ripple Effect to achieve greater success , he is great “One to One” coach or master mind group leader.

— Maia S.

I’ve worked with Dale Wagstaff through Toastmasters. He has great communication and leadership skills, and has creative approaches for helping other people reach their goals.

— Phyllis K.

I have known Dale for many years. I believe his experience assists him to assist others in sales, and leadership.

— Richard P.

Dale is a coach and speaker, but he is much more than the average person doing these things. What sets Dale apart is his true interest in you as a person. He is completely present when he meets with you. The things that make him a great coach; he will give you 100% of his attention and have your best interest at heart. Listening and helping you move in your direction.

As a speaker, he has passion, humor and knowledge. He speaks from his heart and you will feel his message. Whether you need a Keynote or a trainer, Dale will give your attendees more they expect and they will leave with more than they came with. I am honored to know and work with Dale.

— Dana B.

Dale is gifted with the innate ability to help an individual to reach inside themselves to extract the unveiled potential reserved within. He aids one in developing the confidence and direction to grow individually, thus propagating that confidence and drive into one’s life as well as business.

— Rick B.

I was initially impressed with Dale Wagstaff’s enthusiasm, communication skills and professional demeanor when I was at training with him in Blowing Rock for REAL certification. During the time spent in training he consistently demonstrated all of these qualities and more, and I heartily endorse him for any challenge.

— Dan F.

Dale is an able communicator.

— Hugo L.

Dale is a great motivational speaker. He always has a captivating audience wherever he speaks. Dale is great with detail and has patience when he works with groups or individuals. A real people person!

— Cindy M.

Dale Wagstaff is a great Leader. He makes you believe in yourself even if you don’t. He brings out the confidence in you. I had the opportunity to have Dale as my mentor. He helped me overcome my fear of public speaking and refine my presenting techniques. I now enjoy giving presentations and often volunteer to give them.

— Smaran P.

Dale strives for results. He is very intuitive at asking the right questions to help his client find the root cause of their results, then helps to develop a plan to overcome obstacles. He is always fully present, listening to understand first, then working collaboratively to achieve desired outcomes. I highly recommend Dale.

— Diane C.

Dale is very knowledgeable on business strategy. He is an excellent coach to business leaders guiding them to become better in all aspects of their life.

— Leland H.

In the short period of time I have known Dale, he has demonstrated outstanding communication and leadership skills. I can without reservation recommend Dale as an individual who can perform effectively in any role involving the ability to communicate and lead.

— Sam M.

Dale is an outstanding thinker and planner. His depth of process allows him to excel in many areas. As well, he has a great understanding of Leadership and is an award winning speaker. Applied together, Dale is an exceptional trainer in the areas of business, leadership and personal growth. His ability to get to the heart of an issue and bring about quality change, makes him an asset to any situation. His insatiable curiosity pushes him to be a top notch coach, too. His character is exceptional and I highly recommend him for helping you take your life, business, or organization to the next level – and even to the top. His understanding and experience in sales makes him an even greater asset. It’s hard to find a good business coach and leader these days who has the skills, experience, and character to help you move in the best direction. Unquestionably, Dale has the ability, the knowledge, and the desire to see you succeed. I am available and happy to discuss this further. Email me for an appointment.

— Royce W.

Dale Wagstaff and I recently attended a Rural Entrepreneur Action Learning (REAL) training conference for business counselors. During our training, I was impressed with Dale’s probing questions and critical thinking skills. In my opinion, what makes Dale so valuable is his experience of being an entrepreneur and understanding all the challenges and successes associated with that. It’s my pleasure to recommend Dale for any endeavor he chooses.

— Tom G.

From the first time I met Dale I understood that he was a caring and encouraging coach. He asked pointed questions that tapped right into my personal goals and revealed to me both my strengths and areas for growth. He is someone with whom I am excited to work in the future on the John Maxwell Team. I am certain that anyone who is lucky enough to work with him will certainly grow from that interaction and get to the next level of their development.

— Dawn C.J.